Collars by Kitt was created out of need. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

I was never able to find beautiful collars for my rescue and therapy dogs that were easy to keep clean and that weren’t fragile. Having been a Leather Artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I decided to try and make the “perfect” collar. It is after years of trial and error that I am able to offer you these very well thought out Collars, Martingales, and Leashes.

I work ONLY with Biothane and Stainless. No Leather. No Nylon. No Plated Metal.

Working with Moms and Dads to design the absolute PERFECT collar for their dog(s) is a joy. Thank you very much for visiting. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

Here are my Inspirations



I found Charlie when he was a year old, wandering down the middle of a road, full of fleas and ticks and skinny as could be. He became terribly ill and was seen by specialists but he just kept getting worse. He was accepted into TAMU’s clinical trial that studied IBD.  He had exploratory surgery and consultations with Canine Nutritionist, Dr. Susan Lauten, Charlie is now nine years old and 84 pounds of rompin’, stompin’, tail waggin’ Yellow Lab! He’s a very happy go lucky (typical lab) boy and loves romping and playing on “his” ten fenced acres. Two highlights in his day. Well, three if you count meals. He LOVES racing the UPS truck. (from inside the fence) and he REALLY LOVES swimming in the 2 acre pond. Okay, four things… he loves scrunching over inch by inch and stealing your bed pillow at night.  He is SweetPea’s Deputy and they dilligently patrol the pond, making certain that no aliens (ducks, geese, cranes) dare invade their dogdom (kingdom).



DaisyDoodle just appeared one day in 2011. You could smell her from a distance and she had just had puppies which were never found. She was matted, filthy, had very little fur, and a large mammary tumor. She has been part of the family for 8 years now, weighs 40 pounds and is a very loved, very happy dog. She has had two surgeries and both back knees are titanium.  She’s “Wonder Dog”!  Everyone else here believes it’s their God-given right to take up as much space as possible on the bed at night. Only Daisy prefers a soft pillow by herself on the floor next to my bed. There is one and only one thing I would change about her. She is a “sheds 365 days a year” dog. It’s unbelievable. According to the fur that is vacuumed up daily, she should be bald. She also looks like a scruffy vagrant even when she’s freshly bathed and brushed. Every day is a “Bad Hair Day” for the Daisy Doodle girl. Shhhh… nobody has ever told her.



Sophie came from a rescue organization in Rock Hill, SC. Tragically there are no laws protecting dogs from neglect, cruelty and abuse here in North Carolina. Before he lost the war with Cancer in 2017 my husband volunteered at our County Animal Shelter and at North Iredell Animal Hospital.  I continue to do all I can to support Hartman’s Haven Rescue as well as driving and monitoring for the all volunteer Martha’s Mutt Movers. Martha and her volunteers transport many dogs in dire straits from the Southern states to grateful, loving families and rescues up North. Anyhow… back to Sophie! She is a certified therapy dog and has made many visits to Hospice Facilities, Hospice patients in their homes, and Assisted Living Centers. With her comical coloring and fun personality, she has brought smiles to the people that need them the most.  Sophie is now 12 years old and retired from Therapy Dog duties.



SweetPea and Me. Dingy Bird Dog! Here is a picture of SweetPea when we bought her.


She was on a short chain with no shelter, lying in her own feces with no water or food. Today she is a gorgeous, constantly elated with life, typical German Shorthaired Pointer. She is a total joy to live with and she actually prances. She runs with her head held high and her tail constantly wagging.  She is the self appointed keeper of our Pond and keeps us safe from those dastardly cranes and ducks…and lizards and frogs and, well… anything that moves.

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