Which Collar is best for My dog?

Dogs have such different personalities that there is not one universal correct answer.
Dr. Jean Dodds says “Thyroid and salivary glands are superficially located just under the skin in the upper part of the neck and can be easily injured by trauma and sudden pressure forces”.  It’s important that you choose the appropriate style collar for your individual dog.

Are they a couch potato?  Do they love to swim?  Are they your hiking buddy?  Does every mud puddle have their name on it?  Is their skin easily irritated?

At the bottom of this page are different materials often used for Dog Collars.

Buckle Collars ~ There are regular belt type buckles and side release buckles. I don’t offer side release buckles because they are not available in stainless steel.  For a happy family dog, one that doesn’t lunge or continually pull on their leash, a plain Buckle Collar is just dandy.

Dogs that pull on the leash can easily damage their neck area so I recommend wider collars for leash pullers such as the next one.

Wide Center Collar for Pullers ~ If you have a dog that strains against the leash frequently, this style will minimize potential damage to their neck.  The wide area is centered under their neck, spreading out the pressure area when they pull against their leash.  These collars “taper” to be thinner at the ends so they are more comfortable.

Martingales ~ We use these collars frequently when transporting rescue dogs. They are useful because it is difficult for any dog to slip this type of collar off. What’s nice is that you don’t have to keep a very tight collar fastened around a dog’s neck to ensure safety when you’re dealing with dogs considered flight risks. Whether the doggie tries bolting forward, backwards, or sideways, the collar tightens, keeping a frightened dog from escaping. A properly made Martingale collar should release the tension immediately. The reason I will use these and won’t use choke collars is that there is no chain cutting into the very vulnerable area under the neck because the chain is only on top where the leash connects.

My Martingales can be ordered with a stainless name plate.

Snap On Collars ~ The most comfortable collar ever!  Safety Snap On Collars are not meant to be used with a leash. They are usually ordered with a stainless name plate. They simply snap on, and snap off, with stainless steel snaps. Their size is not adjustable so accurately measuring your dog is imperative.  There is nothing attached that can get snagged on fence, a branch or crate wire.  Click here for tips on how to measure your dog’s neck size: How To Measure

These are the perfect way to have contact info for dogs that use a harness.  Great collar for dogs as they romp and play in the yard.

Slip Collars ~ With a Slip Collar, you don’t have to keep the collar tight around a dog’s neck to ensure safety. They do the same job as a martingale but without the chain.  The loop around your dog’s neck tightens only when the leash is pulled on. A dog won’t escape when on a leash by slipping out of the collar. A properly made Slip Collar should loosen as soon as the dog stops pulling on the leash. If your slip collar stays tight, keeping the dog in a choke hold, then it is poorly designed with incorrect hardware.

These are truly wonderful collars but they must fit properly. Their size is not adjustable so accurately measuring your dog is imperative. Click here for tips on how to measure your dog’s neck size: How To Measure

All Slip Collars can be ordered with a stainless name plate.


Oh so soft, supple, and comfy
Great colors and patterns
Absorbs odors
Dries slowly
Wears and frays
The strength is variable according to the many different qualities


Leather is beautiful
Can be conditioned to keep it looking and feeling new
Depending on the thickness can be soft or stiff
Colored leathers can bleed onto your dog’s fur
Absorbs odors


1. Surface printed – wears off over time

I use Beta Biothane here. It has a leatherlike finish, is supple, soft, and durable. Waterproof, Odorproof, AntiBacterial and AntiMicrobial.  Biothane has helped many dogs with necks that are easily irritated.  With stainless steel hardware, redness and itchiness is a thing of the past.

I use Standard weight which is not as heavy or bulky as the Super Heavy Biothane. To me, Super Heavy gets too bulky at the fold over where a buckle is attached.  Only on my Wide Collars, 1 1/2″ and 2″,  that have no folded over areas do I use Super Heavy Biothane.

Cannot be conditioned. Over a period of time it can get stiff and after long term use the coating can start to crack.

If your Biothane collar gets soiled, simply wash in soapy water, rinse and wipe off excess water.  Deep ground in grunge can be removed with Mr. Clean’s Miracle Sponge.

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