What Our Collars are Made From & Why


If your collar or leash gets soiled, simply wash in soapy water, rinse, and wipe off excess water. Dries instantly and can be worn immediately.
Waterproof ~ Stinkproof ~ Will not crack, rot, or stretch
Supple and Comfortable

Has a minimum pull strength of 1000 pounds per inch of width and is 20% lighter than leather. Looks and feels like leather but simply outperforms and outlasts leather

Biothane is used as:

  • Space Suit Straps for NASA.
  • Earthquake-proofing Straps.
  • NFL Shoulder Pad and Chin Straps.
  • Cleanable, Reusable EMS Patient Restraint Straps.
  • Marine Products.

Biothane is Made in the USA and based in Ohio.


From across the room, or across the field, the sparkling twinkles of color are a constant source of beauty.

The bezels that securely cradle these Swarovski crystals rivets are not plated. They are stainless steel so they are very secure and will never tarnish. The stainless backings do not discolor light colored fur.

The science of the cut and the celebration of crystal as high art come together and make these Xirius crystals the most brilliant Swarovski has ever created.

Named after Sirius, the brightest star in the galaxy, the gemstone-like cuts and rich colors have combined to produce an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal.


I do not use plated metals because the plating often chips and wears through to the base metal over time.
I use only Stainless Steel for these reasons:
Stronger and Harder than Brass
Virtually indestructible, with inherent long-life properties that do not diminish over time or repeated use.
Well-known for its antibacterial, hypoallergenic and hygienic properties, stainless steel is very easy to clean.

Designers often underestimate or overlook the values of Stainless because of what is viewed as the higher initial costs. However, when taking into consideration the longevity, durability and lack of maintenance needed, Stainless is often the best value option.

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