Always There Waist Leash


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Always There Waist Leash


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Sits and Stays beautifully around your waist. The 1/2″ width will have you forgetting it’s there…until you need it!  And when you need it, you can be confident in it’s strength and security.  I’ve worn the same deceptively diminutive lead every day for the last year and when I’ve had to quickly put it to use,  it has kept everyone, including my 85 pound Charlie, under control.

The leash pictured is 1/2″ wide and 36″ long.  I wear a size 4 pant and it fits me perfectly.

This leash should clasp loosely around your waist. If it’s too big, (don’t laugh… learn from me) it will slip below your hips (and end up down around your knees 🙂  To keep it supple and light, this leash does not have an adjustable length.

Here is a guide that might be helpful:

If you are X Small—-US Size 4—- 32″
Consider ordering 34″ or 35″

If you are Small—— US Size 6—-33.5″
Consider ordering 35″ or 36″

If you are Medium—US Size 8—-35″
Consider ordering 37″ or 38″

If you are Large——US Size 10—-36.5″
Consider ordering 39″ or 40″

If you are XL ———-US Size 12—-38″
Consider ordering 41″ or 42″

If you are XXL———US Size 14—-39.5″
Consider ordering 43″

I wear a Size 4 or 6. A tape measure placed loosely around my waist shows 33 1/2″. The 36″ length is perfect for me. Fits over both thin and bulky tops. The 38″ length slides over my hips and down to the ankles. Measure your waist (loose, not tight) and add around 3 inches, or more if you want it to fit over a bulky winter coat.

The incomparable sparkly twinkling of Swarovski Crystals in a dog leash that is Waterproof, Durable, and Secure.

It’s not just waist bling.  It has a minimum pull strength of 500 pounds. Your choice of colors for the leash itself ~ Perfect Purple, Sport Red, Tropical Turquoise, Snow White or Classic Black.

We rescued an Epileptic Dog named Tiger. He is in the picture below and this leash is in honor of him.

Always There Tiger
Because I never knew when he was going to have a seizure, I learned to ALWAYS have a leash. My other dogs would attack him during a seizure so they had to be immediately taken to another room. And he was dangerous, both to himself with his thrashing, and to me. He had no idea who I was during a seizure, he was temporarily blind during post-ictal and I was bitten badly several times trying to help him without a leash. I learned to never ever be without a leash.

A Neurologist, an MRI, and Meds couldn’t halt the progression and he has been gone several years but I have not lost the habit of always having a leash. Even when carrying a normal leash, with four dogs and 10 acres, you just never know when a second leash will come in handy.

There will be a total of 10 Crystals with 5 at each end.  The engraved rivets will be Hearts, PawPrints and Stars

Crafted from Beta Biothane and Stainless Steel with Swarovski Crystals

  Why Biothane?

Maintenance Free ~ Waterproof
Doesn’t absorb odors ~ AntiBacterial ~ AntiMicrobial
No conditioners are necessary ~ Does not mold or mildew
Minimum tested pull strength is 1000 pounds per inch of width

If your collar or lead gets soiled, no worries! Just wash in soapy water, rinse, and wipe off excess water. Dries instantly and can be worn immediately.

 Why Stainless Steel?

Plated metals often chip and wear off
Doesn’t tarnish or turn green
Virtually indestructible
Antibacterial ~ HypoAllergenic
Lovely luster and patina over time
Very easy to keep clean

 Swarovski Crystal Rivets

Swarovski Crystals securely cradled in and firmly backed by Stainless Steel
I do not use rim sets or rose pins
I purchase Crystal Rivets directly from Swarovski in Austria
No other crystals can rival Swarovski’s durability and sparkly twinkles.
From across the room, or from across the field, glittering winks of color are a constant source of beauty.

The science of the cut and the celebration of crystal as high art come together and make these Xirius crystals the most brilliant Swarovski has ever created. Named after Sirius, the brightest star in the galaxy, the gemstone-like cuts and rich colors have combined to produce an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal.

I will do everything possible to make sure you are tail wagging happy. Please measure carefully because this leash is made specifically for your order and is not returnable unless I made an Ooopsie.

A portion of profit goes to 501c3 Piedmont Animal Rescue  or  Hartmans Haven Dog Rescue  These rescues never leave a Mother behind and don’t turn away the difficult dogs, the neglected and abused, the heartbreaking medical need cases.

Collars and Leashes have a laser engraved “Collars by Kitt” somewhere on their stainless steel hardware so you’ll remember where they came from. When you decide your other dog must have one or when your friends ask “Where did you get that?”, you won’t forget. 🙂

All Leashes and Collars are lovingly wrapped in PawPrint Tissue Paper and garnished with PawPrint Ribbon. If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you very much for visiting,   Kitt

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33", 34", 35", 36", 37", 38", 39", 40", 41", 42", 43", 44"


Classic Black, Hunter Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Perfect Purple, Orchid, Sport Red, Tropical Turquoise

Crystal Colors

Aurora Borealis, Black Diamond, Clear Crystal, Fuschia, Light Siam, Paradise, Peridot, Rose, Sapphire, Topaz, Turquoise

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