Biothane Training Tab Personalized ~ Leash Extender


Biothane Training Tab Personalized ~ Leash Extender


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This 5/8″ Biothane Training Tab is a great “Grab Tab” and is the perfect size to use during different steps of your off leash training.   With this attached to your dog’s collar they are never quite sure when there is a long leash attached.  We work hard to be smarter than they are!

When you need to quickly leash your dog it’s much simpler to slip your snap onto this than having to wrestle with the collar.

Leashes and Tabs all too often disappear.  Many times it’s unintentional as handlers hustle to gather up their gear.  That won’t happen with this personalized training tab!

Crafted from Biothane & Stainless Steel.   The stainless steel plate will be permanently engraved with my fiber laser engraver and the text will not wear down or rub off.

Crafted from Beta Biothane and Stainless Steel

  Why Biothane?

Maintenance Free ~ Waterproof
Doesn’t absorb odors ~ AntiBacterial ~ AntiMicrobial
No conditioners are necessary ~ Does not mold or mildew
Minimum tested pull strength is 1000 pounds per inch of width

If your collar or lead gets soiled, no worries! Just wash in soapy water, rinse, and wipe off excess water. Dries instantly and can be worn immediately.

 Why Stainless Steel?

Plated metals often chip and wear off
Doesn’t tarnish or turn green
Virtually indestructible
Antibacterial ~ HypoAllergenic
Lovely luster and patina over time
Very easy to keep clean

I will do everything possible to make sure you are tail wagging happy. Please measure carefully because this leash is made specifically for your order and is not returnable unless I made an Ooopsie.

A portion of profit goes to 501c3 Piedmont Animal Rescue  or  Hartmans Haven Dog Rescue  These rescues never leave a Mother behind and don’t turn away the difficult dogs, the neglected and abused, the heartbreaking medical need cases.

Collars and Leashes have a laser engraved “Collars by Kitt” somewhere on their stainless steel hardware so you’ll remember where they came from. When you decide your other dog must have one or when your friends ask “Where did you get that?”, you won’t forget. 🙂

All Leashes and Collars are lovingly wrapped in PawPrint Tissue Paper and garnished with PawPrint Ribbon. If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you very much for visiting,   Kitt

Additional information

Name Plate Engraved Rivet Style

Whirls, Plain, Daisys, Hearts, PawPrints, Stars, SunSmiles

Leash Color Choices

Amethyst, Classic Black, Cadet Blue, Forest Green, Hunter Orange, Kiwi Green, Lilac, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Paradise Pink, Perfect Purple, Royal Blue, Saddle Tan, Sport Red, Tropical Turquoise, Wine

Stainless Swivel Snap Style

Stainless Bolt Snap, Stainless Small Bolt Snap, Stainless Trigger Snap

D-ring thickness

4mm, 5mm